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Meet Albert Miller, Owner of A & E Properties

Albert and his family has built A & E Properties over the past 7 years.  He started by flipping 1 - 2 houses a year with one employee  to now having 16 employees and 38 Projects in the works.  Him and his amazing team do tons for the community and bring out a ton of resources for buyers, sellers and investors.  You will also love their quality built homes and renovations.

Why Tori with Tori Weiss Hamstead & Associates ?

Albert found Tori on a property she had listed in Milford Delaware.  He was interviewing and getting to know other Realtors.  Tori was always willing and went above to get things done to make transactions happen and getting comps to help Mr. Miller in determining what properties to purchase or what to sell his properties for.  

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What surprised you most about the buying & selling with Tori ?

Tori has been a big help with getting us to the next level with buying and selling our homes.  She has been a big asset

Best part of your selling & buying experience working with Tori?

Tori is a hustler and she just gets things done.  Working with her has been a big help.  She and her team have an edge on marketing and its been a big help to grow our business.


Albert's Top Buying Tip:

Make sure the agent just cares about you and gets you to the house you are looking for.  Tori is going to make sure you are approved and work with you to make sure you get the house that fits your needs.  She focuses on the care side of Real Estate.  She cares about you!

"Tori was never looking at what am I getting out of this or what was her cut. She always said absolutely, Let's do it! Let's get it Done" 

Albert Miller


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